Medicare Supplement Plans, arrive at a proper decision

This means, people who do not take medications or take very few medications can consider the Medicare prescription drug plan to enjoy low cost or consider taking Medicare Advantage Plan that has the prescription coverage as inclusive. Such people may check the medication coverage and arrive at a decision:

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  • If they get enrolled in Medicare supplement plans that features low monthly premium, they can prevent the premium penalty in the future that may be charged as late enrolment, for not getting enrolled at eligibility period. OR
  • If they should pay more for Part D Medicare plan per month featuring a $0 as initial deductible or/and a drug list or/and a familiar name of insurance company, in case their health changes during that year. OR
  • They will not get enrolled this year in any of the plans, thus save premiums and pay penalty as late enrolment on choosing in the future Part D Medicare/ Medicare Advantage plan. The down side is the monthly premiums are high and may increase annually with time.

medicare advantage plans 2019

There are benefits in having Medicare supplement plans. However, though it is available through private insurance companies, all the Medicare policies provide the same coverage and these are referred to as standard plans. In fact, people with fewer health complaints also prefer taking Medicare Select policy as the premium is much lesser than the Original Medicare Supplement policy.


The Medicare Select Policy, but for emergency care, will deny paying less or payment if you go beyond the network to avail services. However, Medicare pays it share even in such situation for the approved charges.


Free look period


Medicare supplement plans must be enrolled during the eligibility period that is before and after the month of your 65th birthday. However, a free look period of 30 days is also given on all the plans and policies of Medicare supplement so that it benefits the insurers. In this period you can return a policy taken to the company and also receive a full refund of the premiums you have paid.


The free look period initiates from the policy day it is delivered and on returning the policy to the insurance company means it should be confirmed by them of receiving the policy back. Only then your premiums paid refund process will be initiated. Likewise, the provision of free-look is not applicable to Medicare Advantage Plans.