Medicare Advantage Plans, its core benefits and its deductibles

Medicare advantage plans are sold in 12 standard plans. However, bear in mind that there is no drug coverage with insurance plans H, I and J.


There are certain things to be noted such that the Plan A is the basic plan and every company must sell it as it is the plan with ‘core benefit’.  The plans are standardized and labeled from A to L and this offers the advantage and liberty of buying from any of the company. However, remember to get a quote so that you get to choose the Medicare Advantage plans offering lowest premiums and also the finest customer service.


Core Benefits:

  • Part A Hospital copayment is paid for 61-90 days at $322 per day and for 91-150 days at $658 per day.
  • Pays hospitalization charges for surplus 365 days after the end of Medicare benefits.
  • Pays Part B copayment that is normally Medicare approved amount to 20%.


You may pay for some covered services as cost-sharing until the out-of-pocket annual meet is met. Plan K or Plan L as in 2018 has a limit out-of-pocket as $5240 and $2620. On meeting the plans annual limit, the plan pays 100% Medicare coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles for the entire calendar year. Also bear in mind these amounts that are out-of-pocket limits, change each year.


Deductible Part A

The Medicare initial amount is not paid for any stay as inpatient hospital during the benefit period ($1,316 in 2018).


Part B Deductible and Premium

The Medicare initial amount does not include paying for other outpatient services or physical services in each calendar year accounting to ($183 in 2018). Generally, people will pay each month around $134.00 (2018) as the premium of Part B.


Emergency Foreign Travel

Medicare is not responsible to pay for foreign country care received. This benefit covers a deductible per year after $250 that is emergency care health expenses for 80% received in the initial 60 days of a foreign country, accounting to maximum lifetime of $50,000.

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At Home Recovery

Medicare pays for nursing home health care and it covers home health visits offered as assistance to handle daily living activities, when Medicare home health coverage is received currently or within eight weeks up to $1600 each year from the last home health visit of Medicare.


Part B Excess

Medicare pays only the approved amount charges, and covers difference of Medicare approved and limiting charge that is within 15% about the amount Medicare approved. Thus, the benefits pay 80 to 100% Part B extra charges.