Revealed: The Best Investment and Personal Finance Apps Out There

With the world turning more digital with every passing day, even investment and finance sectors have not fallen back on the trend. Gone are the days when the planning and loads of investment calculation was written in a ‘special’ dairy. With the advent of hundreds of finance apps, people have the option to be assisted on the go.

The next generation of investment apps is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Today’s apps help in handling the money, calculating and saving for the investments and sticking to a set budget.

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But, not every solution out there is the best one. Here we have reviewed some of the best apps and this must help you pick the right one:

  • Mint App

This application available for both Android and IOS platforms is an all – in – one financial tracking solution that helps in making budget and tracking everyday expenditures relative to the budget. The app enables connection to bank accounts and thus, all financial information and tracking is done in one place.

  • The You Need A Budget App

This is the vital eye you need on your budget. It just does not allow you to make budgets that are outside the scale of your finances. Although the app is paid on a monthly basis, the immense control it brings to your budget helps you to stop living for just paying off the debts.

  • The Wally App

What makes Wally stand out from the rest is that one can store the expenditures on it by just capturing a photo of the receipt. It provides lot more smart insights about the movement of money and if you are looking for great and clean organization, Wally must be the app.

  • The Yodlee App

Yodlee is a comprehensive financial assistant out there available for both web and mobile platforms. It notes down your expenditure, keep tracks of the direction of the budget and also helps you to tune the current direction to move closer to your financial goals.

  • The Spendee App

This application is highly visual, and focuses on clean – seamless design to track expenses, show charts of expenditures, and overview the overall financial history of the user. The app can be acquired both on Android and IOS.

Indeed, regular usage of these applications can do a great work in keeping the cash flow in control. It is a much smarter and cleaner way, enabling one to remember and give value to each dollar spent.