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distributed debugging tool

The Distributed Debugging Tool is a comprehensive graphical debugger designed for the complex task of debugging parallel code. DDT has a unique and intuitive graphical interface that puts you in control of your parallel application, whether you are working with 4 processes on a workstation or 1024 across a high-performance cluster. The tool gives users a common interface for every compiler, language and MPI distribution.

Version 1.7.1 adds significant enhancements to DDT's functionality and improves its already market-leading usability even further. You can now attach to running MPI jobs and individual processes across your cluster. You can view the contents of the MPI message queues at any point in your program's execution. A brand-new integrated help system and streamlined installation process make debugging your code with DDT easier and more productive than ever before.

Update: May 28th 2004

DDT v1.7 release: Version 1.7.1 of DDT is now available. Please visit our Download page to get an evaluation copy or contact streamline computing at for more information.

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Announcements of fixes and known issues are found on the support page.

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